Superfoods: Discovering chia seeds, super greens and lechithin

chia supergreens smoothieI have a bad habit of skipping breakfast, a time I should be fueling up for the morning. I’ve begun doing smoothies again and I went to Naturesmarket Healthfoods today for some Spirutein Whey Vanilla protein powder. While there, I thought I’d get some extra nutrition while I was at it. I stocked up on chia seeds, magic greens (it has spirulina in it, also alfalfa powder chlorella and barley grass) and soy lethicin for my power smoothies. I told the clerk I used to take soy lecithin but I don’t remember what I took it for. She laughed and said it’s good for memory!     

Soy lecithin is good for brain function, gallbladder, heart health, reversing atherosclerosis and liver damage. Improved circulation seen as a result of lecithin supplementation helps to prevent blood clots.  –>

I’m also learning about chia seeds –>

I’m also discovering the benefits of spirulina, barley grass, alfalfa powder and chlorella –>

HOURS LATER: I’m having my first smoothie using chia seeds and supergreens. I soaked 1 tbsp of seeds overnight in water since I didn’t like the dry texture of them in my mouth. Added 1 tsp of supergreens (spirulina, barley grass, alfalfa powder and chlorella) and 8 oz almond milk with one scoop of Spirutein Whey chocolate flavor protein powder. The chocolate seems to mask the greens so they aren’t gross, and the soaked chia seeds texture is doable. For this first time, I am just downing it medicinally since it’s not exactly something I’m ready to savor just yet. Give me time!

HOURS LATER: So far my favorite way to use chia seeds is to soak 2 tbsp in about 4 oz of water for about an hour first and then mix spoonfuls of it with yogurt. I’m not crazy about the chia seeds texture in the smoothie but really liked it just mixed with yogurt. I added seedless grapes!

And this –> How eating dry chia seeds landed one man in the ER is why I would always soak the seeds ahead of time. Since they are like little sponges that soak up many times their weight in water. Under some conditions, that can be uncomfortable in your digestive system and can even be dangerous and life threatening.

SIX WEEKS LATER:  The supergreens taste was all in my mind, planted there by writers who described the taste as “like pond scum.” I can’t even taste it in smoothies, and now add it atop soups, veggies and into salad dressings as well.  After 6 weeks on this regimen, I think the supergreens might be what is giving me an energy boost.  I can’t be sure since the the same amount of time I’ve been using magnesium oil.

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