My killer lazy low fat stovetop frittatas

Broccoli, onions, black olives, fresh Roma tomato, tarragon, basil, garlic, pepper jack cheese

I love a good omelet but I’m not good at making them. What I can do tho is make a killer stovetop frittata.
(1) First I basically make a stirfry of all my fave veggies. For me that’s onion, red pepper strips, halved brocolli florets, mushrooms, scallions. Fill the bottom of the pan with them, it will cook down by half. Cook til golden.
(2) pour *egg mixture to cover the vegs.
(3) lower the heat (for me it’s medium low)
(4) after 5 mins, top with fresh tomato and strips of cheese, cover and let it all melt
(5) serve alone or inside a grilled soft taco with sour cream and lettuce

My stovetop frittata is naturally low in fat. I use Earth Balance spread and Eggbeaters. *To make it richer and super delish, you can saute the stirfry in butter and add milk or cream, use “real eggs” and glop on the cheeses.   

Stage 1, basically make a stirfry of your fave vegs.


Stage 1, basically make a stirfry of your fave vegs. Sometimes I roast the vegs ahead of time: onions, broccoli, garlic cloves, red and green peppers seasoned with salt, pepper, dried tarragon and basil, fresh crushed mustard and fennel seed, fresh springs of thyme and rosemary.


Here’s how I roast the vegs

Stage 2, pour egg mixture over the sauteed vegs, add strips of cheese. Cover on, heat off, ready in like 10 mins.

Onions, roasted broccoli and red pepper, kalamata olives, fresh basil, topped with smoked provolone, scallions, fresh tomato

Onion, yellow pepper strips, broccoli florets, homegrown holy basil, homegrown Roma and Everglades tomatoes











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