Savory Lowfat Kinda Crisp Kinda Carmelized Roasted Tomatoes

The tops are crisp with a light breading, underneath are chewy and carmelized

Mmmm breaded Roma tomato slices roasted, crispy AND chewy! Basically 1/3 of the way to a dried tomato. The resident food critic pronounced them the best he’s ever had, anywhere. I’d have to agree. I like Roma tomatoes because they’re not very watery, they stay firm and flavorful. Plus I can grow tomatoes from the slices!

STEP 1 — Cut into fat slices, dredge in cornstarch or flour, then beaten egg then cover in bread crumbs into which you’ve mixed a shake each of dried basil, tarragon, oregano, fennel seed, rosemary, sage, garlic powder and coarse ground black pepper. (Don’t salt now, it will make the tomato watery.) Gently press the seasoned bread crumbs into the tomato.

STEP 2 — I spray an oven sheet with Pam olive oil spray. I put the tomato slices down and spray the tops with the spray.

STEP 3 — Into a 425f oven, check at 15 minutes then again every 10 minutes until they’re as done as you’d like. Longer makes them chewier but don’t overbrown the tops.

For a fuller fat version, you can dip the tomato slices first in olive oil, then into the bread crumbs. You could also coat the pan with butter rather than Pam spray. Both of those will add lotsa flavor. I like to keep it lower fat.

I do onions like that also:
Cut into fat slices, dip in a little beaten egg keeping slice intact, bread crumbs, spray Pam atop it all. Onto a greased pan 425f, depending on size of slice, they may be done in 15 mins, maybe 25, keep an eye on them. You can try to flip them, I’ve never been successful at that. 

I usually roast some broccoli as long as I’ve got the oven is on 425f for 15 mins. Heck, throw a potato in here as well.

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